I absolutely have loved your presentations, Carol. Boy, we sure could have used your knowledge a long time ago...you clearly know your stuff! Want you to know that we are trying to follow your advice and guidance to the letter.
Robyn Torres, Senior Access Board of Directors

Thank you for your terrific presentation tonight. Your grasp of what is needed for an organization to effectively fundraise will be very beneficial to us. I appreciaate your skill in organizing the material into a concise and clear format. Every word you spoke, every minute counted. You were efficient at the same time as being compassionate.
Toni Littlejohn, President, Gallery Route One Board of Directors

I attended your workshop last year and found it to be well organized, fast moving, densely packed with important information, and just plain fun. I was able to meet others who are working on productive projects in the local community and to get an understanding of how our board measured up on comparison to others. I was able to appreciate our board's strengths and recognize areas where more work could be done.
Peggy Day, Papermill Creek Children's Corner Board of Directors

You have such a great way of going straight to the essentials!
Val Richman, Executive Director, Mentor Me

Thanks for your work - it was very helpful. It was great to have someone create a professional, structure, and compassionate environment for us to view our current situation.
Janet Koike, Executive Director, Rhythmix Cultural Works

Just wanted to let you know how much the Land Dancers Board appreciated your work with our fundraising committee. You helped us move from running around in circles to moving forward.
Lisa Bell, Land Dancers Board of Directors

Having worked with Carol Friedman in various capacities for over 35 years, I continue to be impressed by her forward-looking leadership, open response to life's challenges, and ability to make the most complicated events and processes function smoothly. From the inspirational to the practical, Carol manages it all with thoroughness and tact, never forgetting the laughter that reminds us we are actually enjoying ourselves. She ha also become an expert at sharing her skills  through consultations and trainings that have enriched local organizations.
Wendy Friefeld, former Executive Director, Papermill Creek Children's Corner

I was just going over my notes from last night's workshop and realized I learned a lot and, even better, am inspired to try it all. In those ninety minutes you really covered a lot of ground and it was well worth it. I expected to come away with a lot of tips but not inspiration - which of course is the key. Thanks!
Ginny Magan, Tomales History Center

Your Gallery Route One training kicked off a year when the Board raised three times the amount of any previous year. Thanks for that.
Cindy Ohama, Gallery Route One Board of Directors

Thank you! It has been a long time coming for us to sit down with people and organize our thoughts on paper. Carol, you were masterful in how you integrated each persons interests and constructed a story of the TBYC. I appreciate the opportunity to be part of such a meaningful project. 
Madeline Hope, Tomales Bay Youth Center

We have learned so much thanks to you and our winter fund campaign exceeded our set goal!
Amy Pinto, Artistic Director, Imaginists Theatre Collective

I want to thank you for being so inspiring. I am just in the beginning of my journey and I really appreciate all your wisdom and knowledge. I am feeling very inspired.
Lauren Fried, Executive Director, Papermill Creek Children's Corner

Direct - focused - wonderful.
Cheri Leierer, Board Member, Papermill Creek Children's Corner

Thank you for your wonderful training! It was really one of the best trainings we've attended in a long time. So much useful information and lots of things to add to my to-do list (in a good way!).
Karen Farnsworth, Executive Director, California Programs for the Autistic