Services for Nonprofits

Fundraising Assessment and Development
I bring a depth and breadth of experience to my consulting work in fundraising assessment, working with organizations to look at all aspects that affect success including a comprehensive database, effective communication, use of conventional and social media, a diversity of income sources, targeted solicitation of major donors, sustaining donor relationships, and a detailed annual fundraising calendar. 

Fundraising Training
I am a creative and inspiring fundraising trainer and especially enjoy working with board members, volunteers, and staff to help them overcome their fear of fundraising. I work to get nonprofit board members and staff involved actively in fundraising by showing how many ways it can be done - and how easy and efficient it can be to ask for money. My trainings demystify the process, provide tools for successful donor fundraising, and show how fundraising is based on your own passion for your organization's mission.

Board Development and Training
I work with boards to teach the fundamentals of nonprofit board governance, focusing on the basic responsibilities of every board. Trainings provide an opportunity for participants to assess the strengths of their board, talk about how to build on those strengths as the organization grows and expands, stay up-to-date on current law and practice about governance, and provide new energy and creativity based on the board's dedication to its mission - all leading to a detailed assessment and plan for strategies to improve the board's work.

Organizational Assessment
I provide comprehensive organizational development services including policy review and development, writing an effective case statement, evaluation of marketing and fundraising tools, and program assessment. In these challenging times, my particular focus is to effectively evaluate programs and fundraising strategies through an innovative and balanced process that assesses profitability along with mission impact with the goal of creating healthier, more sustainable nonprofits.

Executive/Performance Coaching
I offer a strong combination of leadership and management skills to guide new Executive Directors during a transition, as well as help with challenges including budget shortfalls, clarification of board/staff responsibilities, formalizing governance practice, and development of policies and procedures that suit the current scale and culture of the organization.One of the most important skills I learned as a long-time ED was how to deal with challenging people and situations - including coworkers, board members, volunteers, donors, and clients. I offer focused assessment and training to provide staff with simple techniques that can save sanity as well as facilitate a more positive and productive work environment. I work with board and staff to look at both organizational issues that may be contributing to a tense situation as well as management/personal style. I offer mediation services for particularly challenging situations, with a focus on the problem rather than the person and the over-riding goal of furthering the work of the organization.