Thursday, September 15, 2011

The focus this fall in both Point Reyes and Petaluma is Greek, and I'm having a great time introducing new dances I learned while I was in Greece in August. I'll be teaching:
  • Zaramo - This dance from Greek Macedonia was done at every festival I went to during my sojourn. Done in shoulder hold in 2/4 rhythm with variations called by the leader, the name means "shoulder to shoulder."
  • Tsamiko Konitas - This lovely, elegant, 6-measure tsamiko (in standard 3/4 rhythm) is from Epirus.
  • Hora Samson - Hora Samson is a classic and very popular Pontic dance. It's danced close together, traditionally in a closed circle, with the small bounces in the feet traveling through the whole body.
  • Sofka - Another dance from Greek Macedonia, this one features a wonderful flowing pattern of steps moving first in line of direction and then in reverse line of direction.
  • Pontic Halay - The footwork for this dance is a simple pattern similar to a basic hora or Hassaposerpico but done very slowly, to a beautiful modern piece of music that talks about the expulsion of the Pontic Greeks from their homes by the Black Sea and their longing to return.
  • Paiduska - This fun Greek paidusko (in 5/8 rhythm) is similar to a classic Bulgarian paidusko, but with a twist.

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